Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"Good job!"

Check out this thread about Praise & Elimination Communication on Mothering.com.  It's something we have discussed a fair bit as a couple, not just regarding EC but all kinds of other skills and behaviors.  I have read that one way we can teach our children patience, encourage intrinsic motivation, and strengthen productive risk-taking is to praise efforts and work rather than focus on results (the "good job" comments).  I will post the reference to my reading when I find it in my stack; nevertheless, it makes a lot of sense to both of us, so we've begun to practice this kind of praise already just to get ourselves in the habit.  When others see our girl use the potty and say, "Good potty!" I feel conflicted - grateful they are supportive, yet concerned about the angle on the praise.  It will be interesting, as we go along, to figure out how and when to have the conversation about that particular activity and appropriate praise, since it seems like both the pottying and the process vs. product praise goes against most people's experience, including mine for the most part.

What do you think?

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