Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year 2013!

We begin the New Year feeling blessed to be parents.  Life is so different for us now in ways we could not have imagined, although we tried.  Watching our daughter wake from the night or from a nap brings a smile or laughter to us every time; this is made even better by not having known that these moments were so full of sweetness and interest.  Feeling her muscles grow as she wiggles, bears her weight on her little bowed legs, and reaches for interesting things around the house is both satisfying and entertaining!  Hearing all the noises she's discovered she can make has been a trip in itself.  She is so creative with her voice.

Check out the monthly updates; we update that page regularly to reflect on and share our learning.  Feel free to post questions or comments for discussion on this page anytime.

Happy New Year!