Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Correction! Nursing is a two-person job made even better with others!

Soon after posting my last note, I reflected on how much help my husband has been with the whole experience of breastfeeding.  He looks up information in our many library books for answers to concerns or questions, assuaging our new parent worries.  He keeps me company at all hours of the challenging feeding nights, smiling patiently through it and giving me breaks when she gets too worked up from the oversupply.  In countless other loving ways, he has been as much a part of breastfeeding our girl as I have.

Also, the support and celebration of nursing that good friends, neighbors, and family have shared with us are gifts I carry with me long after the visits are over.  Thank you!  I know our daily work of nursing is helped by many.

-- diaper free nursing and napping is so cute! --

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